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-THROWING THE SHOES or Anonymous Sultans of Anatolia, Ahiler !!!

Let's see, what is the deficit of ahilik? - It's four. - Say it! - His hand, face, heart, table ... - What is it covered? - Three. - Say it! - Eye, waist, tongue. - What is the meaning of being blindfolded? - Not seeing anyone's fault, shame.

Where did today's post come from?
Let me say the MAVERA series, which is the subject of the life of HACE AHMET YESEVİ, one of the mystics shown on TRT screens for 10 days.
I went to Boztepe for 3 days in a row to shoot a video about AHİ EVREN DEDE Mosque and Tomb and Trabzon Boztepe. I studied my subject.
I would mention that there was a Mithra temple in the first ages of history in the place of the Ahi Evren Dede tomb in Boztepe, and this place has preserved its importance as a cult center in every period of history.
Then I would explain that it has become a holy spot for Christians and it is not a coincidence that the Girls' Monastery is also here, etc.

However, when I came to Ahi Evren, my occupational disease relapsed.

What do you mean Ahi?
What do you mean, Grandpa?
Why Universe?

And why was this shrine of AHI and not another?

Let's see answer:
According to the legend, Ahi Evren Dede is the brother, nephew or disciple of the Ahi Evran Prophets in Kırşehir. He came to this region in the 13th century and was martyred while serving for the spread of Islam.
The place of his grave is unknown.
Almost five hundred years pass, and at the end of the 1800s, HACI HAKKI BABA, one of the scholars of the period, had a dream. In his dream, Ahi Evren Dede tells him that he is at the bottom of a walnut tree in a place called Maşatlık. I am very bored here, come and take me from here, to HACI HAKKI BABA.
As a matter of fact, the body was found and brought to Boztepe and Sultan Abdulhamit 2, with the 900 gold sent by Abdülhamit, his tomb and a small mosque were built next to it.
That's how the story is.
As we all know, the conquest of Trabzon in 1461.
Until this date, there were Komnenos in the administration of the city. Namely, the last heirs of Rome.
However, the city was flooded by the Seljuks many times before the conquest.
Organizing the Turkish tribes who took a new place in Anatolia during the Mongolian attacks
AHİLİK is a structure that organizes social life with its own rigid but very useful hierarchy.

We know that he had a great contribution in the formation of the Ottoman Empire, both military and commercial, but above all, morally.
Example Sheikh Edebali.
The word AHI means, my brother in Arabic, it means generous flux and open hand in Turkish.
He is helpful. People help without separation. The famous traveler İBNİ BATTUTA cannot stop talking about the hospitality of the Ahis during his travels in Anatolia.
In the daytime work, he is worshiping at night.
DRINKING WINE, ZINA, LIE, GIYBET etc. are the reasons for expulsion from the organization.
A master cannot even open a shop for a journeyman who is trained without the approval of all masters.
First of all, he has to obey religious and moral rules.
The founder of this structure, AHİ EVRAN, who laid his coat in Kırşehir, has both the positive sciences and the science of meaning of his time and earns his living by making DEBBAĞ, that is, leather making, and is known as the PIRI of 32 VARIOUS tradesmen.

Let's get to our headline.

Here Ahi Evran used to cut off what he saw as fraudulent while inspecting the bazaar where the shoemaker tradesmen were located.
The news of this spread rapidly among the tradesmen, these tradesmen tried to forgive themselves over time, but mostly they had to leave the city. The idiom "to throw off shoes", which has been used among Muslim Turks for eight centuries, was a remnant of a past exemplary ahi practice.

Let's come to Trabzon. Ahi traditions still live as a legend in the coppersmith's bazaar among the clothmakers. As in all of Anatolia.

Tip for the curious.
In Bolu's Mudurnu district, which is one of the cities nicknamed Citta Slow, the practice still continues partially with their prayers.
For those who want to visit and say what an Ahi lodge was like, Ahi Evran dervish lodge and mausoleum is in Kırşehir.

Dear friends, that's the way it is ... Our land is rich, our lands are fertile in every way. Wheat grows well in some soil, and beautiful HUMAN grows in these lands.

Is it still?


Vesselam ...

There is also a celi Sulus calligraphy inside the tomb: KUMA TEKUNU YÜVELLA

Whatever your situation is, administrators will come to you. Unless a people correct themselves, Allah will not correct their situation.

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