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3 Nights - 4 Days

​ ​

2,350 TL





08:30 Departure to Santa Ruins


After seeing the stone arch bridges and water mills in Atayurt village, we arrive at the ruins of Santa Claus. After the liberation war, the abandoned churches and houses left behind from the villages around Santa, where the Greek population left the last time, combine with the historical natural riches and offer a perfect view.

Santa Ruins are located within the borders of Dumanlı Village of Yağmurdere Subdistrict, approximately 82 kilometers from Gümüşhane city center. It was built on three separate slopes separated from each other by the valleys where Santa Yanbolu Stream originates.

After our trip in Santa, we follow the green road to the Taşköprü plateau with the magnificent views of the Black Sea.

Taşköprü Plateau, 50 kilometers from the city center and at an altitude of 2,140 meters above sea level, is located in the center of 105 plateaus in the vicinity. Plateau; It attracts the attention of nature lovers with its clean air, vegetation, mountain meadows and scenery.

Our accommodation is in Taşköprü plateau…



After breakfast in the plateau, we move to Bayburt. The transition from the Black Sea to Eastern Anatolia makes itself felt to us.

We are visiting Bayburt Aydıntepe underground city.

Aydıntepe Underground City, under the houses, workplaces, avenues and streets in the district center, consists of galleries, rooms and larger spaces where these rooms are opened, 2-2.5 meters deep from the surface, without using any building materials.

We go to Bayburt Castle, which sees Rome, Seljuk, Ottoman, then Russian occupation. We visit the Great Mosque and Square from the Seljuk period in the center and taste the Bayburt doner kebab by the Harşit river flowing through the middle of the city.

We are visiting the Kenan Yavuz Ethnography Museum, chosen as the museum of the year in Europe, and Bayburt Kenan Yavuz Ethnography Museum, which is shown among the 7 museums recommended to be visited in the world this year by the most read Corriere Della Serra newspaper in Europe and Italy.

After completing our Bayburt tour, we move to Gümüşhane.

Our accommodation will be in Gümüşhane.




In the morning, after visiting the Süleymaniye District, where the old Gümüşhane was founded, our first stop is Karaca Cave.

The hidden crown of Gümüşhane, the painting exhibition of the underground world, the mysterious world of caving, Karaca Cave are located within the borders of Cebeli Village of Torul.

In the cave , you can see many natural wonders such as dripstone shapes, stalactites , stalagmites , columns, organ-patterned walls, cave flowers, cave pearls and travertine steps.

No matter how winding the exit road is, of course, we will not pass without visiting Torul Castle and Torul Cam observation terrace, which calls us majesty on the road.

Next is the Limni lake nature park.

There are forest ecosystem, lake ecosystem, meadow ecosystem and rock ecosystems in the Nature Park, which is located at an altitude of 2025. The valley where the Nature Park is located is also very rich in terms of biological diversity and endemic species.

Of course, there is no better place for our lunch.

After sipping our tea after dinner by the lake, we pass through the historical Zigana Pass and come to Zigana Yayla holiday village.

Let's enjoy the perfect weather among the pine forests, let's take a walk.

Time to rest… After all, tomorrow is our last day.




After breakfast, we take Hamsiköy to our right and go down towards Maçka.


A total of 75 people, 62 of whom were Spanish soldiers, lost their lives when the Ukrainian plane carrying Spanish soldiers returning to their countries after completing their peacekeeping missions in Afghanistan crashed in the Maçka district of Trabzon on 26 May.

In memory of THIS accident, a monument was erected with the inscription on the Spanish soldiers who died.

After visiting that monument,

Proceeding through Altındere National Park, we reach Sümela Monastery.

Of course, we will not leave without visiting Sümela, the symbolic structure of the Eastern Black Sea Region, Trabzon's bridal veil.

On the way to Sümela, we will stop by the Livera Village of Maçka and visit the İlyas Karagöz Library. Let's tell you what you will learn about the village, you will be very surprised.

Our lunch is by Coşandere. We taste our trout prepared in Trabzon's famous butter and move to Trabzon.

In our last hours in Trabzon, we visit Trabzon Hagia Sophia, which was built by the Komnenos Dynasty, which ruled the Trabzon Greek State for 200 years, and Atatürk Mansion in the Soğuksu Neighborhood, which was once a recreation area of ​​Trabzon, and proceed to the airport.

What's Included:

Trabzon Airport Arrival - Erzurum Airport Return Transfer

All Tours with Professional Guide

Tourist luxury vehicles

An environmentally friendly trip in peace with nature, away from unusual mass tourism

2 Nights Highland and 1 Nights City Hotel Accommodation

3 Dinners

3 Morning Breakfast

Local Treats

Smiling face, sweet tongue, Genuine Highland air, Genuine honey, molasses

Opportunity to buy local products, friendly village chat...

What's Not Included:


First day breakfast


Drinks not included in the menu at Dinner

National Parks, visit and historical sites entrance fees

Smiling face, sweet language, Genuine Highland air, Genuine honey, molasses, local products, village conversation...

Things to have with you:

Better not have too many items

fleece for cool weather inside the backpack, raincoat,

a small flashlight, spare socks, powerbank for phones.

In the highlands and mountains, there may not be a phone call from time to time, so when you go on vacation

You should organize your affairs and warn your relatives.


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