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Our Black Sea Region has the greenest forests of our country and the most common vegetation. Due to the abundant rainfall, it offers its visitors a delicious view and a magnificent biodiversity.

When someone who has never come to the Black Sea region before sees the vegetation that contains such a variety of shades of green, it is almost as enchanted by the landscape. Foggy hills, misty horizons, pine forests, colors and scent of oak, chestnut and linden trees surround people from far away in this geography where it rains even in summer.

Nature lovers, photography enthusiasts, those who admire the forests, those who miss the sounds of streams, waterfalls and streams feel that they are in a different dream world when they come to this region.

The unexpected places in the forests where the road meets streams or the hum of a waterfall creates an insatiable joy with astonishment.

Especially those who live in cities and long for the sky, tree, green and soil scent, the smell emanating from the meeting of the rain and the soil passes them off.

I say cities because now almost all cities, big and small, are alike.

When you are passing through the Black Sea coastal road, do not let the appearance of high-rise concrete structures drag you into pessimism. Because the nature of the Mediterranean Sea takes you into it as you progress through the valleys and stream beds that are intruded from the sea. Houses built scattered in the green are generally concentrated on the flatland limited land on the valley ridges. Apart from that, there is a scattered settlement. Thus, the vegetation does not lose its general green appearance. Moreover, this is our region where the population is the least.

Our people's longing for green is the driving force of the tourism potential of the Black Sea. Forests, hazelnut groves, corn fields, waterways that carry the snow water they collect from the peaks of mountains and plateaus to the Black Sea along the valleys meet with streams and streams continue on their way to the Black Sea, sometimes gently.

Stone arch bridges built on streams witness the history of this difficult geography, which is also famous for its floods and floods.

Although the history of tourism in the Black Sea is not very old and the season is short, it is busy.

On the coastal road, you witness the tourist buses moving people to Ordu, Giresun, Trabzon , Rize, Artvin and Georgia Tbilisi. Although the region includes Zonguldak and Çorum geographically, we can say that the real Black Sea geography started from Ordu and Giresun.

Therefore, our Highland route route also starts from Ordu. It extends to Artvin. Although the West Black Sea coasts, Sinop and Samsun coasts contain very valuable touristic riches and potential, the geography where transhumance activities can be carried out starts from Ordu.

While the Bafra and Çarşamba plains, where Kızılırmak and Yeşilırmak rivers flow into the Black Sea, create sufficient area for agricultural activities, they also connect Samsun to the inner regions and make the province the hinterland of the Black Sea.

After this long enough entrance, I would like to list the plateaus you can visit respectively from Ordu.

However, the Black Sea plateaus are currently not easily accessible. That's why I recommend you to get information from highways while planning a route. Moreover, the condition of the roads can change at any time due to floods and floods caused by rainfall.

Therefore, for the Black Sea Yayla program, we can reach the guides via phone, mail and social media at any time, transportation, accommodation and so on. You can get information on topics.

ORDU - Persembe Plateau - Cambasi Plateau

GİRESUN - Kümbet Plateau- Kulakkaya Plateau- Bektaş Plateau

TRABZON - Hıdırnebi Plateau - Sis Mountain Plateau- Erikbeli Plateau

Sultan Murat Plateau (Although it is not short for transportation, it is the easiest one. Accommodation is also available.

RIZE - Rize is the province where you can find the richest plateaus and the most accommodation options in the plateaus.

However, highland roads are difficult. I would not recommend trying it with your own vehicle. Camping etc. for those who think of caravan travel. You can contact me for suggestions.

Ayder Plateau - Pokut - Sal- Handüzü- Gito- Anzer - Hazindak- Samistal- Elevit- Aşağı ve Yukarı Kavron


ARTVİN - Kafkasör - Şavşat Karagöl - Ardanuç

In addition, Camili Village and Maçahel area have a touristic potential with their bio reserves, although they are not counted as highlands.

There are many large and small plateaus from Ordu and Giresun to Artvin.

However, I recommend that you do not plan a trip without getting information about the routes.

While describing the route of the Black Sea Plateau, it would not be without mentioning the Green Road Project.

With this corridor, which is the main idea of ​​the Green Road project;

• Connecting Upland Paths

• Increasing and Facilitating Transportation Quality

• Bringing Tourism Potential to Visitors

• Improving Physical Infrastructure

• It is aimed to increase the income level of the people of the region.

• Within the scope of the Green Road Project, various productions have been carried out on 938.38 km so far.

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