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What can be said about Anatolia is less.

If you look for love in these lands, you can find it from the sluggish to the fiercest, from the most cheerful to the most toothy.
If you are looking for war, the most spectacular wars were broken here, the oldest peace was made here.
The oldest plane trees are rooted here, and the most fragrant lindens are smoked here.
We are in Anatolia again when our subject is love, respect, hospitality, unrequited service, and the value given to people.

This time, we are a little bit west in Phrygian lands.
 Pergamon is in Bergama with its current name.
Here's the legend we're about to tell.
You know, the stories of rulers wearing disguised clothes are very famous in Anatolia.

When it comes to prehistory, why not Zeus and his messenger Hermes?

One day, Zeus and Hermes came to a village around Bergama in disguise.
They knock on the doors one by one and they want to be a guest in a house without noticing the rich and poor.
But for some reason, every door is closed in their faces.
Finally, an old couple who spent a lifetime together welcomes the gods with a smiling face, without even asking who they are.
They sit in the most comfortable place in their homes and serve whatever is on their table.

They decide to slaughter their only goose to serve in the best way possible.
However, when the goose hides between Zeus' feet, they realize that something strange is happening.
Zeus takes them both out and says that whatever he wishes will be given at that moment.
The old husband and wife from Bergama lived a very happy life and became each other's servants and masters with respect and love.
Their only wish is that death does not come to one of them before the other and not to experience this pain.
Zeus says their wish is granted and they leave the old couple with Hermes.

That poor house turns into an ostentatious temple, and the old couple live there for the rest of their lives to serve that temple. As they sit in front of the temple on a bright sunny day, the old man's feet slowly begin to root and reach into the ground. The thin white arms of the old woman begin to turn into branches. Both understood the situation. They say goodbye in the world language silently.
However, the two of them became one tree, the male sycamore tree and his wife turned into a linden tree.
 They continue to live with their roots, branches and leaves intermingled.
The people living in the vicinity heard them whispering and continuing to speak as the wind blew.

It was the first time I had read this beautiful, subtle legend from the Fisherman of Halicarnassus, in his own style.
 This poor tried to convey in his own words.
Yesterday, on June 21, we had the longest solstice, and today, on June 22, celebrating the 3rd anniversary of our marriage, I thought of writing this legend from Anatolia.

How nice it is to love, be loved, love, serve, host and be hosted.
What a blessing it is to be a human being that God has given us and forgiven.
How nice and how nice to go from Leyla to Mevla,
Returning from Mevla to Leyla.
Knowing the truth.

This union comes to mind as I sit in the shade of a plane tree every summer day and sip linden tea on winter nights. Summer and winter, night and day, cold and hot, light and dark. The truth of the world and the wisdom of this truth. Anatolia is my home of wisdom. My dear home. Home of the One and the One.  Stay with love,  Stay well,  Goodbye...

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