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Dear Friends,

Even though he thinks of human encounters, intances, books he reads, or what happened to him or what happened to him as a coincidence, one day he realizes that none of them are just coincidences.
In our culture, road leaders call it unity.
Years ago, the first holiday village I worked in the tourism sector, which was seen as Club Orange on foreign sites, was in the Özdere-Gümüldür region, a region where a very delicious tangerine variety grows. The name of this tangerine species was Satsum. Hotel staff in the tangerine gardens in winter
In summer, he worked as a seasonal worker in holiday villages of a thousand people, who did what he could.It was a time when French bands were busy.

This poor man was also promoting and selling SPA services to the French who came in the SPA (Sauna, Hammam, Swimming Pool etc.) section of this large facility.

When I first got acquainted with French culture, the most striking thing was the diverse ethnic origins of those who came as tourists.
Not because we look at the skin color, but those with dark or light skin color, brunette, curly hair, slanting eyes like Arabi Morocco Tunisia Algerian or Asian, black and white mixed hybrids, etc. As we talked, it became clear who immigrated to France from where.
I knew almost everyone who came to the hotel for my job and was in contact with them.Once, the three sisters stood out in the French group with their differences. She had dark curly hair and fair skin, but she had an image familiar to us. It was clear that they had a French identity but were not French.
When we spoke, they said that their father was born in a cave in Mardin, and that there was no electricity and water where they lived, in short, they lived the way people lived thousands of years ago.
When workers migrated to Europe in the 1960s, their fathers also immigrated to France, calling it a new world, a new hope.
Our daughters, who were born in France, said they were Keldans.

It was a word I didn't know the meaning of.
 At that time, we didn't have smartphones and sources of information like google and wikipedia.
That they are Assyrians, I learned that Chaldeans are also a branch of Assyrians. Christianity in Anatolian lands  They were the first people to accept in the first fifty years after Christ.
I learned that despite their gradually decreasing population in Mardin and the Southeastern Anatolia region, they continue their existence as a community that preserves their language and culture.
Come on, years passed.
After I started to work as a guide, I applied to participate in an educational trip organized by TUREB (Association of Tourist Guides) in order to add the Southeastern Anatolia Region to my license.
Everyone who applies is given a subject to make a presentation at relevant places during the tour.
You do not choose this subject either.
You will be notified of your topic shortly before your training. In order to successfully complete the training, you are asked to prepare for this subject, and to present the subject in the best way in written and oral form.
It was not difficult to guess what they reported to me in any case: 
The historical development and present of Assyrianism.

süryaniliğin tarihsel gelişimi ve bugünü
Download • 49KB
You can see the presentation I have prepared by opening the file above.
 For the curious.
A match years ago was linked here.
 When I started studying the subject, I realized something even more interesting.

 In the first Christians of Anatolia fundamentally and unwaveringly was the prayer of NAMAZ, called SLOTO, which they performed 7 times a day.
When you do a little research on the internet, it is possible to find many articles on this subject. 
 Let's get to the beginning of the article. 
 I am sure that when you go back a little, you will find dozens, maybe hundreds of similar events in your own life.  
This was a good and beautiful cohesion for me.

However, even though it seems unpleasant, it is possible to have a lot of benefits afterwards. They are the most instructive ones in life school.
I have added the presentation file I prepared during that trip to the article above.  and I conclude by reminding you that I will add a few links where you can get information about the subject.  Hope to see you soon ...

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