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Dear Friends,

As daily life continues, the spring days revived our holiday wishes as every year.

One cannot help but think, how did human beings before modern times meet this request?
 Or did he not have such a request?

The concept of vacation has probably entered our lives with the development of the industry and working hours.
As they shut down to workplaces, factories, banks and offices, human beings began to feel that they lost their freedom.

How is it that human beings, with the will of heart, fondly earn their bread from their halal, while doing their job with love, constantly complain, whine, get tired and go after the one-week holiday that they think they have achieved by working all year round?
He would run all year, get tired, earn, save on what he earned, and with this savings, he would rest and refresh in a limited time like a week and ten days or even fifteen days.

 Tourism professionals call it recreation in the foreign language.
Actually, it means re-creation, we have created with our helpless side, and we also create it again.
 Let's turn it into regeneration.
We got old and worn out in a year, let's have a nice holiday and come to ourselves.
We say that our brain and body also rest.
Or our famous prompter whispers from the inside at the beginning of the summer.
He needs a subject to tell him.
Where he went, what he saw, what he ate, what he drank, what he got on, it is not enough to tell, he will show immediately.

Then, according to work, time, conditions and of course every point of view, vacation plans begin,
In fact, it seems like there are many options, but after a while, we realize that we have fallen into a game with cards that we have to choose some of.

First of all, sea shores, beaches and holiday villages call us as the name of summer vacation.
During the day, enjoying the sea, in the evening, pleasure, entertainment venues, etc.

 Some people just say that this is not enough, I have to travel, see, discover.
First of all, I need to know my country and then other countries, cultures and people.

Some of us dream of an ultra-luxurious holiday village throughout the year, and some of us hear the calls of the resorts or new countries to explore.

 Maybe we have a summer house, but after two seasons, it tastes like a pumpkin. When we say the neighbor's barbecue smoke, the sound of the music of another, the crying of the child, our taste disappears.
  And some of us listens to the voice of his free spirit, the head says where I go, and the human being is generally guarantor.
Our food, accommodation and comfort of that day prevail when making holiday plans and we do not leave the job to chance, we want to get help from a professional immediately.

In summary, time is limited and will be over, and the same ties will be worn again, the same traffic will be reached again, the same workplace will be visited again.

Time should not be wasted and the holiday meaning should not be lost tired.

For this, vacation planners and practitioners come into play.

Tourism professionals are the soldiers who struggle wholeheartedly for us to spend this limited time in the best way and to be satisfied.
From the hotel to the agency, the cook, the waiter, the guide and the driver, everyone struggles to experience the illusion of happiness for a week in the heat of summer.
Since we are on our annual leave, we adopt our least liking, the most irritable, the most insincere attitude. While on the way to work all year long, while traveling on a train on the bus, one wants to be hosted like a king on holiday, to be greeted baby and baby, and of course to be flattered.  
 Friends, this is our situation in short.

No matter what they say, low income or rich, civil servant or worker, peasant or urbanite, this is roughly our story.

Of course, this story is not very old.

Before, work and rest were all together.
We were working, earning our bread, fulfilling the requirements of our beliefs according to the beliefs of the society we live in, and celebrating our holidays.

Of course, I am talking about the times when there was no such large organization.
from the periods when people were engaged in agriculture, animal husbandry, military service, small-scale production and trades.
No, do not go as far as Göbeklitepe, a century or two is enough.
 Now somebody will come out and say, didn't people need rest at all back then?
Even if there was, the picture of happiness was not drawn as it is today.

In the age we live in, we all think that there are conditions to be happy.
Like a decree law.

You will have a house, you will have a car, you will have a holiday at least once a year, Your children will study in good schools,
You will work in a good job or you will be the boss of your own business, if necessary, you will leave behind your country, the land you were born in, and immigrate to a country where you can obtain these conditions more easily, and so on.
We got out of vacation and see where have we come

What about vacation?
Let's do it.
Let's have the best holidays.
 In the most beautiful hotels, ships, the most beautiful holiday villages.
However, let's not do all this to be happy.

So these are not the conditions for happiness.

Just like owning a house, car or summer house is not about having a good income, dignity, career.

Happy people carry happiness in their heart.  
 His happiness is in his business card, in his career, in the car he is riding, when he thinks he has it, during his vacation, the number of cities he travels and the number of countries he travels, and of course those who carry it in their wallet will sooner or later realize that they carry soap bubbles in their hearts instead of happiness. 
  We will sooner or later realize that the way to be happy is to make you happy. 
   Then this is our holiday.  
    Bayram is our holiday.
     For those who say you are tied to the dairy philosopher well;
      We were the sack first to myself.
       There is no in repeating a lot to remember  What did the ancients say? 
        Again-ü Ahsen velev that one hundred and eighty. 
        It's good again. 
        Even if it was a hundred and eighty times ...  
        Bold will be provided

Note: I made my vacation plan by the way :) :) :)

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