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If we ask what comes to mind first when we say ANTAKYA, I can hear the answer. If he is a little familiar with the area and has a little bit of his throat, the person will say KÜNEFE. Of course, Antakya does not owe its fame to Kunefe, but it is true that it has a large share. Before the delicious cuisine and various dishes, some will tell you this.

People in the World. religious, language. regardless of their ethnic origin, brotherly, respectful of each other's beliefs, If you are looking for a city where you can live in peace, you should come to Antakya. Alexander the Great was one of the warrior commanders who most influenced and made the world think. Of course, like all successful leaders, he was not only a warrior and a good commander, but also someone with human questions in his mind. He fought his biggest battles with the Persians, who dominated Anatolia at that time. As a Macedonian, he was familiar with western culture and civilization and received his education in the western system from Aristotle. He progressed from Anatolia to Persia and from there to India and learned the eastern civilization by living it personally. In 10 years, he conquered the known world of his time from Europe to India and left the world without leaving an heir. As a matter of fact, he left behind a civilization that we now call the Hellenistic Civilization, which was not at all Hellenic, although it had Helen in it, and this civilization had the great influence of the east. It is possible to see the traces of this civilization from south to north and east to west of our country. After his death, his lands were shared among his generals. One of these generals was the famous Seleukos, who also gave his name to today's Silifke. His son Antiochus, who gave Antakya its present name.

Well, for those who say where the name Hatay came from, in 1919 the city was conquered first by the British and then by the French, and in 1925 it received autonomous status.
The city that Atatürk wanted to join the territory of the Motherland from the first years of the Republic until his death and worked for it became an independent Republic in 1938, and in 1939, with the decision of the parliament, it joined the motherland. It is Atatürk himself who gave his name as Hatay.
No one does not know how much Atatürk was interested in the history of Anatolian Civilizations, especially the Hittites. It was he who wanted the Museum of Anatolian Civilizations to be opened.
While Atatürk gave this name. It is inspired by the late Hittite Kingdom, whose name is Hattena, which was founded in the Amik plain in the 1200s.B.C.
In fact, the city, which is much older than Antiocheia, dating back to 300 BC, was given a name suitable for its ancient history.
The city was geographically established on the passageway between Anatolia and Mesopotamia. Therefore, it contains every language, every religion and every nation. Just like all other cities within the borders of the Ottoman Empire.
When we look at the recent history, it is not difficult to understand that the Ottoman Empire, which brought different nations, different religions and different cultures together with peace and justice and allowed them to live in peace, did not see any peace in the regions where it retreated.

The date I prepared the article is Sunday, from 09.May.2021.

 In 1968, Israel declared May 10 as Jerusalem Day. Later, under the leadership of Iran, the Muslim States of the day declared May 7 as Jerusalem day.
 On May 7, 2021, it was the day referred to by Muslims as Jerusalem Day.
 In Jerusalem, which means the city of Peace, that is, the Masjid al-Aqsa in Jerusalem, as known by the Muslim geography, both the holy month of Ramadan and the attack of Israel one day before the night of Qadr, which was revived by Muslims more than a thousand months. , we watched what happened together.

We have seen and seen how people's spiritual lives are used in politics.
1517-1917 The lands where peace prevails have not been settled for 100 years.

Those who have visited Antakya know very well why I have given Jerusalem as an example. Just like in Jerusalem, in Antakya, the members of the three heavenly religions worship side by side in their places of worship and celebrate their special days and holidays. Likewise, Muslim, Christian and Jewish communities in the districts of Istanbul, Adalar, Kuzguncuk, Balat, Ayvan Saray, Koca Mustafa Pasha, Samatya and Yedikule, are still at peace today. they live together inside. We live in fermented, solid lands where the brotherhood of people is not easily spoiled when not used in politics. Antakya is one of the best examples of this. In fact, we saw the first example of this order that made people live side by side in peace, during the time of our Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). Then we saw a bright example in Andalusia, Spain. We saw the same in the Ottoman Empire, with its social, military and administrative structure supported by the Ahis, in the lands from the Balkans to Anatolia, from the Arabian Peninsula to Africa, from the Caucasus to the Crimea. Here is the present state of Jerusalem, which has lived in peace for hundreds of years. Our Prophet Muhammad says in a hadith, "You cannot enter Paradise unless you believe, and you will not believe unless you love each other". At the moment, I leave it to your discretion, as the countries of the world, how far we are behind this idea that connects the condition of Faith to love each other. Knowing the value of yeast in our lands and in our past, our religion Islam, which adopted brotherhood as its principle, and our Anatolia, which made us brothers to each other, it is possible that we all understand this one by one. In other words, it is not through seeing what Satan says see, but what Allah and His Messenger say see. Hatay is one of the best examples to learn from next lessons ... If you haven't been until today, definitely go. As you wander its streets, you will see that this feeling of brotherhood embraces all of you. Cairo, Baghdad, Damascus, Beirut and of course Our only wish is to see JERUSALEM, which is important to the whole world.

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