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Southern Marmara Olive Corridor, Gemlik and Mudanya districts of Bursa province, Balikesir province, Gönen, Bandırma and Erdek Districts, Çanakkale Province and its surroundings, Erdek Kapıdağ Peninsula and its north, Avşa, Paşalimanı, Ekinli It covers the region where the islands and the Marmara Island of the Marmara District are located.

The nature of the region, various plant species used in alternative medicine, olive and grape cultivation, has an important olive, olive oil and wine production potential.

Our city of Bursa has a great tourism potential together with its surrounding towns.

It is an important touristic route with its Ulu Mosque, Koza Inn, Grand Bazaar, Ulu Mountain, Osmangazi Tomb, Yeşil Mosque and Green Tomb as the first capital of the Ottoman Empire. In addition, Iznik district is also important with its Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman artifacts and tile work.

It is about 135 km south of the Sea of ​​Marmara. There are wide natural beaches in the towns of Karacabey, Mudanya and Gemlik and beautiful beaches on the shores of Iznik and Ulubat (Apolyont) lakes in Bursa.

Kaz Mountains National Park, Edremit Bay beaches, Güre hot springs, Bandırma Manyas Bird Paradise, Gönen thermal springs, Kapı mountain peninsula and the ancient cities of Erdek are among the prominent routes of the OLIVE ROUTE within the borders of Balıkesir province.

When we come to Çanakkale, of course, it is a center of attraction with the Çanakkale Martyrdom and the museum of the ancient city of Troy.

The development of the “Troy North Aegean Culture and Thermal Tourism Development Region”, which includes Çanakkale and Balıkesir provinces, within the framework of Health and Thermal Tourism and Rural Tourism has contributed greatly to the region. Both the sea, forest and thermal potentials constitute one of the brightest areas of eco tourism with the density of boutique businesses and the widespread use of campings.

In these lands where olive cultivation has been carried out for thousands of years, both domestic and foreign tourism potential and the passage of Çanakkale İzmir highway through this region are signs that this line will develop further.

The Olive Road Route will be the indispensable route of history, culture and nature lovers this year as well.

In particular, we recommend:

Bursa Cumalıkızık Village

Iznik Hagia Sophia Mosque

Iznik Lake

Gölyazı Village

Uluabat (Apolyont) Lake

Canakkale Troy Ruins

Canakkale Troy Museum

Goose Mountains National Park

Kaz Mountains Sarıkız Ethnography Museum

Adatepe Olive Oil Museum

Hasan Boğdür Waterfall

Assos Ancient City - Behram Kale

Gökçeada Greek Villages

Gelibolu Mevlevihanesi

Bird Paradise National Park

Ayvalık Devil's Table

Taksiyarhis Memorial Museum

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