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Dear Friends, Hello

Updated: Apr 24, 2021

Welcome to my web page named Köşe bucak Anadolu.

Life puts something new in our palms every day. We are more of those who want and seek a little more. Day after day let's not open our eyes with a new awareness. Isn't that what it should be?

This is partly the reason why I created this page. I come across a knowledge, a person, a detail, a book
don't let it fly away. Let's make a note here from what we see and what we learn.

Time passes at such a speed that ...

Even if you run sometimes, you cannot catch up, especially in these years. We got even faster.

Information is flying in the air. When we learn, it becomes one to forget. The disappearance of beauties in front of our senses becomes one.

For this reason, I wanted to take short notes. We can call it a kind of digital diary.

In the meantime, let's not miss a piece of truth that comes in a whisper.

So that we can concentrate when the time comes. Or maybe it will be a benefit for someone whose time has come.

It is necessary to set out with an intention. It is not understood without setting off.

It is necessary to set out to understand, to remember, to share.

The next effort is from us, Tevfik Allah ...

Let's start by saying Bismillah ...


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