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."Love" is not mentioned in the Quran. The Sufis emphasize that the love of Allah cannot be taken from the book, based on the words of Imam Ali, "I am the talking Quran, it is a silent book in your hand". However, there is a sign of love in the Quran, and this sign is hidden in the cipher letters "Ayn", "Sin", "Qaf" known as huruf-u mukatta. [28] Ayn, Sin, and Qaf are three letters, and only the letter Qaf has two points. These three letters and two dots symbolize the human body and head. The two points in the letter qaf correspond to the two eyes in the human head. If three dots are put on the letter Sin, then Sin will turn into Shin. These three points are three points of tawhid: The first is tawhid-i ef'al; the imitation of the acts is "good morality" and the principle of this is "No", the principle of goodness. The second point is tawhid-i adjective; the unification of adjectives is "science". The principle of science is "Fidelity", righteousness. The third point, hubb, is love, and the principle of love is “Husn”, beauty. When these three points are placed on the letter Sin, Sin becomes Shin and the triple "Ayn, Shin, Kaf" is obtained, which is read as "Love". Therefore, for love, “Three letters are five points; Three down, five up, ”it is said. Love shines in the heart and the divine manifestation is reflected in this heart. The heart of the lover becomes "the mirror of God". This is the end of Sufi ethics. Fuzûli said, “,“What is love in the world; But science was empty words ”he said. A birth of Lütfi Filiz puts the last point: “The sea of ​​love boiled, it turned into light, from this hale-i envâr, Cemâlullah appeared.


Hear, beloved, love is precious object,
Love is not given to values, it is a venerable object.

It is both painful and naive, he threw Hamza at Kaf,
Love is with love, Mustafa is a state object.

It falls on the mountain, ashes make a way to the hearts,
He makes sultans servants, love is a daring object.

To whom love struck ok, no anxiety with gussa,
Love is a very frigid object with wailing.

It boils the seas, it comes and moves,
Make the rocks sing, love is a powerful object.

Their minds are confused and drowned,
Many cooks liver, love is an object of joy.

What will you be with Miskin Yunus, to whom would you tell?
Let your friend get ready, love is a delicious object.

Dear Friends,

Hello to everyone,

Today 03.May.2021

We know that our Anatolia is the land of lovers.

We call those who love their job very much in love with their work.

We call those who love their spouse very much in love with their spouse.

We call those who love their country, nation, homeland very much, in love with their homeland.

But we do not call those who love money, the world, the property and the very much in love, we say they adore it.

Our Turkish, our word, comes from our essence. Here the words love and lover are not words but essence.

It has been at least one thousand four hundred years.

The knowledge, wisdom, comprehension and perfection of Anatolian Sufism were explained by Hz. Muhammad (sav) and His Sunnah and His love of Allah Almighty. It is the love that our Prophet, who is known as Habibullah (from the hubb, love and closeness) told us without getting tired of a thousand and four hundred years ago. Our Prophet (sav) told us about the love he felt for human beings, animals, plants, nature, every creature we call alive and non-living, and their essence, the one who created them.

Seeing, what is blind ... (Muzaffer Ozak is the use of His Holiness)

The saints, who have already kept the doors of wisdom of Anatolia open to us, have for hundreds of years with wise words, stories, legends, poems, music, and most importantly with their lives they told about love.

This is why Mevlana said to those who asked him about love, "be me and see."

And didn't leave anyone out the door who wanted to be.

Every work done with love is successful,

Every step taken with love reaches the range,

The word spoken with love finds its meaning.

The love is hollowed out with the celebrations of saint valentin called today's Valentine's Day When we defined it with concepts, of course, we were born in an environment where the word love does not feed ourselves.

In fact, we call the effort to understand that a person is not satisfied with anything other than love life.

Dear Friends,

Our Anatolia has been telling the enthusiast about love in every language for hundreds of thousands of years. To those who wonder.

The slow flow of water is love.

The blossoming of the tree is love.

Mother's taking her baby in her arms.

People's longing for their homeland in abroad, sunrise, the fall of the rain, the essence of the word is love. Our soil is the love that gives birth to us.

Friends ,

To understand love, one has to fall in love.
We have the phrase "understand".(hâl)
For example, we say that you cannot understand your full pain.
It is necessary to be hungry in order to understand from the state of pain, to be in love to understand from the state of love.
We know that love is of order.
Love for the divine starts from the corporeal.
It's a short story.
Famous Statesman of Ottoman, Ahmet Cevdet Pasha (famous History Cevdet's writer)
He is one of the Tanzimat period pashas.
At the age of 16, he lives in Kasımpaşa.
Ottoman period. He falls in love with a girl from the neighborhood that he loves. He does not eat, he does not talk. His family is still competent. They understand it, but he is to young.Back then, psychologists were not counselors.
They take it to Sheikh Efendi in their neighborhood. His Holiness Sheikh İbrahim Kuşadalı.
The child who sees the Sheikh inside the door, without even taking off his shoes, (we do not enter mosques with shoes)  enters the carpeted mosque and comes running, hugs the Sheikh, and then suddenly runs away as if he saw the devil.
They don't understand what happened, and when they ask, he says:
First I saw the girl I fell in love with, I ran and hugged. Then when I looked at her face again, I suddenly saw an ugly old woman and ran away.
 He does not understand the situation himself.
Afterwards, Sheikh calls His Holiness and explains the situation.
It is that divine love that you actually feel in your heart. The love you feel for that girl will turn into that old ugly woman tomorrow, and she says, come and I'll teach you divine love.

It is His Holiness Muzaffer Ozak who conveyed the story.

This interview with Louis Rogers was broadcast from William Paterson College Television Center in April 14, 1983. Sheik Muzaffer Ozak had many trips to US between the years of 1978-84 and introduced the rich legacy of Sufism through many talks and dhikr (rememberence) ceremonies to the West.

Dear Friends, You will understand that the recipe of love is not like the recipe for cake. The beings that you hesitate to say three letters and name It is these three letters that melt them away. Ayn, Sin, Kaf ...(arabic spelling) (Provided that we put 3 points of sin) He will return to Sin Şın ... How? Act with love, Paint the color of love, Be love. Let them call you love ... To Allah and His Prophet, Embrace the Quran and Sunnah with love. Do not be afraid. The greetings of Allah, first of all, to our Prophet (sas), his Companions to Ali, Ahli Bayt, all the prophets who came, saints and us without getting tired May it be to the friends of Allah who tell about the Divine Love ... It was a Ramadan post ... Whatever you do, do it with love ... Stay with Love Don't be without love.

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